Cheap Calls to Ecuador

From now on, you'll only be making cheap calls to Ecuador

Make cheap calls now to Ecuador!

Start saving money quickly and easy:

  1. First dial the designated 0900 access number for Ecuador
  2. Subsequently, dial the telephone number in Ecuador
  3. The call is being established

Use our Access Number Wizard to find the correct 0900 access number for Ecuador:

Or use this table:

Destination 0900 Access Number Cost per minute
Ecuador – Mobile Otecel 0900-0792 € 0.11
Ecuador – Mobile Other 0900-0794 € 0.21
Ecuador – Mobile Porta 0900-0793 € 0.20
Ecuador Quito 0900-0791 € 0.11
Ecuador 0900-0791 € 0.11


Make cheap calls to Ecuador - It works when Skype doesn't

Call any number in Ecuador - but cheaper

You pay per second - Not per minute

Premium audio quality - Try it yourself, you will be surprised works with all land-line phones and mobile phones - Including prepaid & broad band

You pay through your ordinary telephone bill - No separate bill from

24 hours per day the same low rate for phoning to Ecuador - No peak or weekend rates

No subscription or registration needed - Just phone and start saving money


Isn't this something fromlong ago?

Cheap calls using access numbers, was very popular around the beginning of this century. Due to the emergence of services like Skype, it lost its popularity. However: cheap calls using 0900-access numbers are making a come-back:

  • The last couple of years, telephone rates have gone up in The Netherlands
  • Mobile phone providers switched from charging per second to charging per minute – This is a lot more expensive for you: E.g., if you phone for 62 seconds, this will be billed as 120 seconds, almost doubling the price!

That’s why we are back with our service at!

Anything elsethat I need to know?

We covered pretty much everything. But just to be sure:

  • Use our 0900-Access Numbers to make cheap calls from The Netherlands to Ecuador
  • Starting rate is € 0.045 per call
  • Some mobile providers include a surcharge for calling 0900-numbers. Therefore, check your provider’s rates.
  • All pricess on this site are including 21% VAT
  • When you dial an incorrect 0900-Access Number, you will get a tape that will provide you with the correct 0900-Access Number
  • Make sure that our service is indeed cheaper for your specific situation. E.g., phoning from a call bundle might be cheaper, so check with your provider.